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Jam Dass

Introducing Jam Dass with their debut album release, "Love, Jam, Remember". This pioneering work in the Kirtan-Rock genre brings the quirky, upbeat, improvisational vibe of jamband rock to the sacred mantras and chants of kirtan music. Just as MC Yogi brings an unabashadly hip-hop vibe to kirtan, and CC White takes the practice deep into gospel territory, Jam Dass offers a renewed take on kirtan music, appealing to jamband and kirtan audiences alike. Honoring the tradition of classic kirtan styles, the songs all run 6 - 8 minutes in length... Please review the shorter radio-edits of Shivo Hum and Everything for airplay rotation.

In addition to chants and mantras in Sanskrit, many of the songs on the album are influenced by songwriter Michel Levin's experiences in India and throughout the world. With Michael on guitars and vocals, the band includes Melissa Rose on vocals, Jeff Hamilton on keyboards, David Walker on bass, Steve Fox on drums, and guest appearances by Jason Lynn on steel guitar, Eric Maring on tabla, and Yatziv Caspi on percussion.

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Media: 720-325-7188

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ARTIST: Jam Dass
ALBUM: Love ~ Jam ~ Remember
TRACK: Shivo Hum (radio edit)
LENGTH: 3:56
LABEL: Foxy Music
GENRE: Jamband / World Music

𝄞 Broadcast Quality Downloads 𝄞

» Shivo Hum (radio edit) (.WAV file 66.5 MB)
» Shivo Hum (radio edit) (.MP3 file 7.4 MB)


ARTIST: Jam Dass
ALBUM: Love ~ Jam ~ Remember
TRACK: Everything (radio edit)
LENGTH: 4:18
LABEL: Foxy Music
GENRE: Jamband / World Music

𝄞 Broadcast Quality Downloads 𝄞

» Everything (radio edit) (.WAV file 72.8 MB)
» Everything (radio edit) (.MP3 file 8.0 MB)

𝄞 Media Requests 𝄞

Jam Dass songwriter Mike Levin is available for remote and in-studio interviews and performances. Call 720-325-7188 or email for requests.

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» Full album on Spotify
» Full album on Sound Cloud

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» Jam Dass Website
» Jam Dass on Facebook